What we do

Education, advice and presentations on polished concrete

Polished Concrete Specialists offer free expert advise and support, from start to finish, on all aspects of the project regarding the polished concrete floor. These may include: ideal concrete, concrete placement, ideal finish, scheduling and timing and best protection during the building process. Polished Concrete Specialists have provided informative classes for TAFE, Boral, Ready Mix, the Concrete & Aggregate Association of Western Australia, Jazcorp Australia and various building and architecture firms. Polished Concrete Specialists offer informational classes, presentations and Q & A sittings free of charge.

Conversion of washed aggregate into honed concrete

Washed aggregate concrete can be transformed into an outdoor polished concrete finish by grinding the floor to a deeper level. Some of the reasons for the conversion include:

  • The washed aggregate floor is of poor quality
  • The washed aggregate floor is stained, discoloured or simply looking dirty
  • The surface is too rough for the occupant’s lifestyle, for example: hurtful on bare feet and dangerous for playing children due to its abrasive nature
  • Honed concrete is easier to clean
  • To improve the appeal of the floor and the propriety

Polished concrete restoration

Polished concrete floors became increasingly popular in Perth during the nineties and have only grown since. Many of these floors are now in need of restoration, largely due to the old method of topical sealing that when worn off leaves the floor exposed to wear. These floors can be transformed into a Mechanical Polished Concrete (MPC) floor. PCS are capable of converting these floors in both large and small spaces.

Outdoor polished concrete. (Hone concrete)

Polished Concrete Specialists have undertaken numerous large and small outdoor projects both in the commercial and residential sectors. We are highly skilled in meeting the customer needs when it comes to appearance as well as slip resistance.

Mechanical Polished Concrete (MPC)

Polished Concrete Specialists are experts in polishing the concrete mechanically. We were the first to introduce the Mechanical Polished Concrete system to Western Australia in 2002 and have since branded our own polishing system known as “Ultra Shield“. Additionally, PCS are Perth’s first certified contractors for the Husqvarna Polished Concrete floor system popularly known as “HiPERFLOOR“.

Free sampling to existing concrete floors

There is nothing like seeing a concrete floor transformed into something beautiful, and it is just as rewarding to see a pleased customer. Once a scoped price is agreed on, Polished Concrete Specialists will offer a free sample to your existing concrete floor. By doing so, you are able to see the standard of finish before going ahead.

Terrazzo restoration

As Polished Concrete Specialists originated in the terrazzo industry, we are experts in restoring terrazzo to both small and large spaces.

Concrete sealing

For protection, dust proofing and hygiene, PCS utilise diverse concrete sealers and sealing techniques.

Concrete floors leveling and preparation

Polished Concrete Specialists provide a levelling service for concrete floors, including the removal of glue, paint and epoxy.