The beauty and reflectivity of a Mechanical Polished Concrete floor, combined with unparalleled durability, have made it a leading flooring selection for retail and the commercial facilities across Australia and the world. The seamless look and increased ambient lighting produced from the reflectivity of the floor help store owners to better showcase their product and give commercial buildings a great contemporary and professional look.

While terrazzo, vinyl and carpet were once the most popular flooring choice for retail and commercial spaces, the prohibitive price of terrazzo installation and the maintenance of vinyl and carpet have made polished concrete the modern and practical choice. In the case of a new project, diverse decorative concrete mixes are available in the market.
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Commercial & Retail | Polished Concrete Floor Specialists Perth

Premium finish. Stones fully exposed and highly polished. Ideal for indoor showrooms, where high light reflection and a sense of great ambience is a priority.


Commercial & Retail | Polished Concrete Floor Specialists Perth

Hone finish. Stones fully exposed with a hone finish. Ideal for great traffic areas where slip resistance and durability cannot be compromised.

Mechanical Polished Concrete is the process by which the concrete is chemically hardened and mechanically polished. Mechanical Polished Concrete differs from the topical sealed polished concrete process in that the “sheen” is not obtained by any kind of sealer, but by the concrete itself being “mechanically” polished to a flat and smooth surface.

This surface is however still sealed, but with a high quality penetrating sealer, designed to stop or delay any penetration. This finish has a greater appeal and is harder wearing than any topical sealer. The Polished Concrete Specialists a proud of having being the first to introduce the Mechanical Polished Concrete process in Western Australia in 2002 and have being doing it and improving it since.


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