A Mechanical Polished Concrete (MPC) floor is the perfect option for industrial buildings where extreme strength is required. As the concrete is chemically hardened and mechanically polished, the floor is free of coating and instead, sealed with a high-grade penetrating sealer. (MPC) is incomparably harder wearing than any topcoat sealed floor and will always read a higher non-slip rate when compared to the same sheen level.

Ranging from a low to a medium sheen, depending on specific needs, the durability of the mechanical polished concrete floor will offer a greater light reflection making it the better choice also in power efficiency. Industrial polished concrete can be used almost anywhere, for example: Warehouses, Manufacturing Facilities, Automotive Shops, Showroom Floors and Garages.


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Benefits of Industrial Mechanical Polished Concrete: • Low to no maintenance • High durability • Eliminates dusting and fork truck tire marks • Fire resistant • Brings out the aesthetic beauty in natural concrete without the use of topical coating. • Low Installation and maintenance costs.

Mechanical Polished Concrete is the process by which the concrete is chemically hardened and mechanically polished. Mechanical Polished Concrete differs from the topical sealed polished concrete process in that the “sheen” is not obtained by any kind of sealer, but by the concrete itself being “mechanically” polished to a flat and smooth surface.

This surface is however still sealed, but with a high quality penetrating sealer, designed to stop or delay any penetration. This finish has a greater appeal and is harder wearing than any topical sealer. The Polished Concrete Specialists a proud of having being the first to introduce the Mechanical Polished Concrete process in Western Australia in 2002 and have being doing it and improving it since.


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