Benefits of Honed Concrete (Outdoor)


What are the benefits of Outdoor Honed Concrete Floors?

  • Durable: These floors are seen in outdoor settings in different parts of Europe, especially in Italy in structures that are literally hundreds of years old, reconditioned and still looking great.
  • Low maintenance: Besides the easy upkeeping of keeping clean, these floors do not need ongoing maintenance.
  • Cost-effective: Honed concrete floors have the same benefits of outdoor Terrazzo, and Granite floors, at a fraction of the cost.
  • Aesthetically appealing and unique: Because concrete is an imperfect and partly natural product, each floor has its own beauty and uniqueness.
  • Flat surfaced: Unlike washed aggregates, they are easy to walk and skate on while not as damaging on a fall.
  • Seamless: No weeds, sand and ants coming through like with pavers.
  • Easy to keep clean: No need to use high-pressure water blasters. Just needs moping or scrubbing with a soft broom and the assistance of a mild neutral or biodegradable detergent.

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