Polished concrete commercial


Polished Concrete Solutions

Polished concrete commercial solutions provide top of the line concrete surface preparation and polishing using various equipment, abrasives, and chemicals and supplies. Polishing concrete flooring provides an attractive solution for commercial and residential projects. Eco-friendly unique polished concrete solutions, transform either old or new floors into polished concrete floors that are finely crafted through multiple step processes. These are energy saving, super durable, visually stunning and virtually maintenance free.

The trend in polished concrete commercial and residential durable and decorative flooring has been developing for some time now, and has become highly popular nowadays. Polished concrete provides impressive aesthetic benefits in today’s modern living. The available options have evolved and diversify, offering more concrete colour choices, more varieties of stones to choose from, and more creative decorative additives seeded into the surface for achieving a unique and enhanced look.

The most popular colour in the polished concrete industry tends to remains the natural grey concrete. This provides a simple and clean industrial look that has become a popular trend not only for commercial construction but with residential projects as well. abuse contacts . The polished concrete fits well into any design style. The plain grey polished concrete can be manipulated in order to achieve various design elements. This versatility in design is one of the benefits that make polished concrete so popular among homeowners and designers. Polished concrete varieties can range from a paste polish with no aggregate visible, all the way to a deep polish, closely resembling terrazzo.

Another design trend, popular is a salt and pepper finish. This type of finish is produced by exposing some of the sand aggregate during the initial grinding process, removing a very thin top layer of the concrete. The exposed sand provides a nice colour accent that resembles salt and pepper. Another popular design trend is deep polished concrete used to achieve the look of terrazzo. The smooth finish of polished concrete also allows for very intricate designs. In polished concrete commercial solutions companies can have a marketing message of their logo coloured or etched into the concrete.

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