The Benefits of Polished Concrete


Using polished concrete outdoor gives off a stylish effect and provides many aesthetic and functional benefits. It is a low-maintenance flooring option that is as versatile when used indoors or outdoors. It does not require careful preservation and it does not need waxing or additional coatings. The only minimal upkeep it needs is a mopping regularly with soapy and warm water, preferably once or twice a week. It is easier to clean than most, and they are made durable to withstand constant wear and tear. Compared to wood flooring like timber, polished concrete will not dent and chip, will not warp over time and does not have planks that go out of alignment. Polished concrete is naturally non-slippery, which makes it ideal in public establishments and as flooring in corporate buildings. It also prevents further health complications as it prevents mould growth, is highly resistant to dust mites and reduces allergen problems. Polished concrete is a highly recommended floor material to use for improving natural lighting and reducing lighting needs, all because of its highly-reflective surface. A high-quality polished concrete floor is expected to have a long life of hundreds of years as compared to materials like tiles that may only last less than 20 years.

All About Home Concrete Alfresco- The Rising Trend written by: mehra4800 “It is absolutely no wonder that a new feature in homes, the alfresco, has become such a popular inclusion these days. It has become the hub of home entertainment, and a functional and adaptable area for all seasons. And that is why, it is no surprise alfresco has become a must- have for all homes. What most people love about this area is that it makes the ideal spot for entertaining. You can build a niche for a large screen television, a fully appointed kitchen, a gas fire, beautiful outdoors- in fact just about anything you can have in your home.”

Polished home concrete alfresco in a living area can create a statement with a stylish, clever, and hard wearing flooring substitute. This floor of the various kinds available also means next to no maintenance. It has absolutely no issue with ants, bugs, and other creepy creatures like a timber deck, or any weed issues. The most popular surfaces tend to be an aggregate exposed concrete in various colour tones to compliment the indoor flooring or house walls, while some prefer a more contrasting tone, in order to make the alfresco into a distinguished feature.

There is also a rising trend over the past few years to have a polished alfresco concrete floor outdoors and have it properly levelled with the inside floor, so that there seems to be a smooth and natural flow outdoors and indoors. For instance an iconic timber decking is completely versatile for its durability, making it ideal for the outdoors. Additionally, it provides extra richness to add a resort style effect. For a non-slippery surface, you can go in for ceramic or porcelain tiles for the ideal inside-outside synergy.

With some careful research and planning, your alfresco area can become your favourite place in your home, creating a seamless change from indoors to outdoors, and luxurious resort style lavish living.

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